About Us

Sentinelle Israelites de Yehovah, Inc is a non profit corporation founded in September 2010 in Florida in order to improve the life conditions of the people living in rural areas in Haïti. It has its offices in Florida and in Haiti.

In Florida, we mostly collect funds and basic household goods to send to the rural areas of Haiti.

In Haiti, we Sponsor 2 schools: one in Thor, community situated south of Port au Prince, and one in the artibonite region by helping in the payroll of the faculty staff’. We sponsor one orphanage in Port au Prince by providing a hot meal a day with the fund and resource we are able to obtain. We are planning to reopen a medical clinic in allegre, rural community of Petit-Goave to provide basic medical care to the population and the surrounding areas.

We will be continually searching for new programs and activities we can implement to better serve the population.

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